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ASSET MANAGEMENT - Investor Prospectus

Our client is Dan Cohen, founder of MySpace, an angel investor and a passionate environmentalist who is on the board of GreenE. He was born in Israel but studied in London at LSE. Nowadays, he focuses his investments and interests in Israel and Europe.

The main long term goal of Mr. Cohen is to build a retirement nest. He also has the short term goal of generating $50,000 by the end of December 2021 to become a small-level investor in the Israeli professional football club, Maccabi Tel Aviv. This will have to be considered in his investment strategy. On the long term side, we have identified Dan’s preference for a geographically diversified portfolio and given his current European and Israeli exposures we will focus our investment strategy on US entrepreneurial companies who follow ESG principles and focus on innovation. In addition, for diversification purposes we aim to gain exposure to multiple asset classes via such as Equities and Fixed Income via ETFs.

In terms of his risk profile, Mr. Cohen has been involved in startups, hedge funds and “disruptive businesses'' which shows he should be ready for risky investments in disruptive companies and industries. Evenwith Mr Cohen’s short term goal to make exactly $50,000 without incurring a loss, we have decided that a portfolio that seeks to exploit the maximum return by investing in ETFs that follow industries that are forecasted to growth exponentially could not only meet the liquidity constraint but at the same time give us the chance to deliver a higher return.

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