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MARKET INSIGHTS - Real Estate: Perspective and Outlook for 2023

An analysis of systematic risk and investment strategies with one question: can Real Estate be profitable in 2023?

The dynamics of Real Estate in the financial and economic world are changing, due to endogenous and exogenous shocks. How can investors adapt to these changes to benefit from Real Estate?


The focus of this report is to magnify how Real Estate has reacted in the past, and how it adapts and hedges against systematic risks in order to provide insight into how we expect real estate to unfold over the next two years.


Using past data, including on the Financial Crisis of 2008, we draw similarities with the fear of recession in 2023 to identify how the real estate market is behaving with respect to different trends. Including the endogenous shocks in financial markets, caused by banking crises across Europe and America, as well as the impact of Covid-19, we depict the way market actors like financial institutions react and play a role in the real estate market. What is clear is that the bearish outlook that has loomed over the economy has affected real estate, but there are many signs that this outlook is decreasing.


Next, we consider underlying drivers behind the identified trends of Real Estate, pointing to factors like Uncertainty, ESG, etc. Finally, then use the information gathered above to provide meaningful insight into investment strategies, basing it on the forecast for the financial market, macroeconomy, and real estate market. We conclude with our analysis that signs of recovery are clear and business confidence will increase over 2023, and good investment opportunities will be redefined.

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