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In the last 15 years, the role played by social media in the economic-financial sphere and beyond has become increasingly important. This paper will analyze the sentiment indicator and assess recent developments.

The analysis begins by introducing this topic in a historical overview, that is, how over time the various social networks have influenced an increasing number of companies and how they have moved to embrace the technological evolution underway to improve and develop their reputation and image.

This is followed by the analysis of the sentiment indicator and the techniques related to it, specifically machine learning; implications from an asset management perspective, along with potentially profitable investment strategies, are assessed.

Then, a recent real case was presented that explains how social media can, thanks to giving a voice also to the "little ones", in some way revolutionize the classic market vision we have had to date: has the increased access to the market by retailers made the market more equal?

Finally, with the aim of completing the report, the relevant issues in recent months were briefly presented: the possible split-up of Facebook, the alleged market manipulation by Elon Musk through Twitter (DogeCoin) and a financial comparison between the previous two competitors.

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