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Globality Diversity Research


Who we are

Founded in 2020 by international students, BSAMC aims at researching and analyzing topics related to the Asset Management Industry while spreading interest for this field among young people. 


Our primary mission is to build a strong worldwide network of students and professionals in the finance industry, in order to help our members start a successful career. 


Our motto includes all the key features of the organization. Globality, diversity and research are at the core of our daily operations. Our biggest strength is the variety of students’ backgrounds  and experiences that give to the association a more open-minded take.

The two central divisions periodically release detailed articles and reports about asset management sphere and the wider finance world.

Insights and ideas are evaluated with an extensive hands-on approach.

Topics may vary from stock markets and investing strategies to client profiling and portfolio allocation.

What we do




Bocconi University

Via Roberto Sarfatti, 25,

20136 Milan Italy



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