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Applications are currently closed.


Applications open

February 8th

Applications close

February 16th

Final Results 

End of February

Step 1

Fill in a very short form with your contact details, a few questions about yourself and upload your CV. 

Step 2

If you are selected, you will be contacted by our HR Team to set up a short interview.

In the first part, you will be asked a few personal questions to assess your interests and values.

In the second part, easy technical questions may be asked to assess your soft skills rather than your background knowledge.

What we are looking for

Students from any level of studies and any courses are welcome. In depth financial knowledge, while certainly appreciated, is not a prerequisite if you are beginning your studies as you will be learning a lot with us.

Strong candidates are those with analytical, researching and numerical skills. You will also need organisation, planning, and of course, enthusiasm for asset management.



Via Roberto Sarfatti, 25,

20136 Milan Italy



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